Assessing NISP

The government has recently introduced the National Internal Security Policy. An overall security policy would have to address different areas – such as defence, external affairs, economy, energy and even minor issues like food security etc. Such a national policy could only be materialised with help of many state institutions, and is beyond the scope […]

Dialogue to nowhere

Apparently there are two sides engaged in the dialogue, the government of Pakistan and the Taliban. However, the hidden multiplicity and its consequences are essential to understand for any logical analysis of the situation. To start with, the party we term ‘government of Pakistan’ is in fact sub-divided into three very different groups: the governing […]

Zardari, Nawaz and the factors

Unfortunately, external forces exercise an unjustifiable influence on Pakistan’s internal issues and politics. By external forces here I do not mean only the Unites States but also Britain, other European countries and the international financial institutions. Also, because of the peculiar nature of certain aspects of Pakistani politics, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Iran and […]

Time to reveal the truth

For the last six years I have struggled in vain to understand the logic of our policymakers and their spokespersons when it comes to dealing with extremism and terrorism. I see no sense and little consistency in their policy towards these challenges. It appears that they too have difficulty understanding the points raised by me […]

BJP, Bahawalpur and Seraikistan

No one can beat our present government in the art of insulting elected bodies. While the government constantly complains about others doing this, it doesn’t waste a single opportunity to do so itself. The latest example is the proposal of a new province – Bahawalpur Janoobi Punjab (BJP) – by the parliamentary commission for recommendations […]

For a fresh start

Gen Kayani’s recent statement has been over-analysed for its content, connotations, and consequences. However, if we spend a little time in understanding the anxiety and concerns of Pakistan’s military, it may result in a more democratic and stable Pakistan. The anger and anxiety in the military is not just resistance against ex-generals’ cases. Rather it […]