Why not?

Its speakers are as sweet as their language. People who speak the Saraiki language are jewels spread across all provinces of Pakistan. However, they are never compensated for their sacrifices. They are living in far-flung areas of each province, and thus they are neglected in Sindh and Punjab and are far from the power centre […]

Real challenges for Imran Khan

Enviable enthusiasm, patriotism, boundless charisma and rare conviction: This is Imran Khan! He is gifted with qualities other leaders lack in Pakistan. Egocentricity and corruption, seemingly very common in others, are not part of his personality. Today he is as popular among the youth as Zardari is unpopular among the masses. But he had lacked […]

Turkey’s new role

If slogans, claims, political rallies, sit-ins, threats and blasts were a contributing factor in the power of a nation, Pakistan would be a superpower. But education results in a better economy and society, and gives greater political and diplomatic clout to the country concerned. Turkey, following the path of education, is going to become the […]

Geo aired Karzai’s interview in its original form

ISLAMABAD: The airing of Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s interview in Geo TV’s programme ‘Jirga’ has caused a stir across the world. From New York Times to Washington Post and from Hindustan Times to The Hindu have commented on it. Similarly it is the most debated issue in national and international TV talk shows. The Afghan […]

The ultimate winner

The US is facing defeat on three fronts in Afghanistan. The first defeat is in its reconstruction efforts, which have failed to bring about any sustainable development or produce indigenous institutions. The second defeat is in the combat area. The military surge and the policies of David Patreaus both failed to deliver. With each passing […]

Assassination of Rabbani

During my meeting with Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani in Kabul last month I could never have imagined that this would be our last meeting. Just a few months ago he and I met during his visit to Islamabad. He then invited me to Kabul for a detailed discussion. So when I reached Kabul last month, I […]

Delicacies of Pak-US relations

Instead of coming down, the bitterness in Pak-US relations has escalated after the meetings of Gen Mike Mullen with Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and that of Hina Rabbani Khar with Hillary Clinton.   The way the war of words that has emerged after the poisonous statements of US officials against Pakistan and the tit for […]

Prospects of martial law

Many think that a number of factors leave no chance for military rule in Pakistan, including a free judiciary and media in Pakistan and an elected government. No doubt, the image of the Pakistan army has improved since the Musharraf era; however it has not been fully repaired. The efforts by Gen Kayani and his […]

Pakistan’s security stance

The emerging dynamics in the regional strategic situation seriously demands matching policy modifications in Pakistan. Eid Day messages by the Taliban and Hizab-e-Islami indicate a major shift in policies. Besides, Al-Qaeda threats for Pakistan and the current situation in the Middle East present new challenges and opportunities. The Eid Day message, having the status of […]