From confusion to confusion

No one can deny that the foremost challenges Pakistan is facing are terrorism and extremism. But the state‚Äôs policy and strategy about thes challenges is confusing. The most important actor in the region is the US. If you ask policymakers whether they want the US to succeed in Afghanistan, they reply that if Americans are […]

Nato supply: gains and pains

After the decision of the resumption of Nato supplies through Pakistan, now is the proper time to revisit the whole episode, and try to learn from it. The decision for reopening supply routes was taken by the defence committee of the cabinet, which means that it was made by both the civilian and military leadership. […]

Policy Matters – 14th July 2012

Sharmila Farooqi PPP, Lt. Gen (R) Hameed Gul Former Chief ISI, Saleem Safi Anchor Geo News and Tariq Fatemi Former Pakistan Ambassador United States in fresh episode of Policy Matters on Dunya News and talk with Naseem Zehra.