Bottom Line – 27th May 2012

The topic of this talk show is “Division of Provinces…Who Oppened this Pandora’s Box” and Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan PML-N, Saleem Safi Analyst and Rauf Klasra Analyst in fresh episode of Bottom Line on Aaj News and talk with Absar Alam.

Missed opportunities

“We have not decided yet whether we are going to resist the US or the entire Nato. If the attack was intentional, it must be from the US and not from entire Nato. By accusing Nato we are annoying the whole Europe. If this time we are serious, and it is not yet another tactic […]

News Night With Talat – 14th May 2012

Syed Talat Hussain discussing about “Journalists and Government Visits” with Kashif Abbasi Anchor Person Ary News, Arif Nizami Journalist, Nusrat Javed Journalist, Fareeha Idrees Journalist and Saleem Safi Analyst in fresh episode of News Night With Talat on Dawn News.