Time to see reality

So this time along with the media parliament was also manipulated and used by the real rulers. Parliamentary Committee for National Security recommendations are a consistency of the previous policy, with minor changes here and there. In this respect, the PPP, the ANP and the MQM deserve no mention as they have rendered all their […]

Jirga – 13th April 2012

Saleem Safi today discussing about “Taliban Who Are Infact???” with Sami Yousafzai Analyst, Big (R) Asad Munir Former Officer ISI, Molana Sami Ul Haq President JUI, Rahim Ullah Yousuf Zai Senior Journalist, Dr.Fakhar Ul Islam Director Pakistan Study Centre Peshawar University and Maulana Shah Abdul Aziz Former Member Qaumi Asambli in fresh episode of Jarga.