Consultation among institutions

It is yet to be figured out that what strategy, compulsion or calculation caused Nawaz Sharif to float, through Shahbaz Sharif, the idea of a consultative conference among the judiciary, the army and the politicians? However, the idea is a solution to most of our problems. Consensus identification and solution to the problems by the […]

The Malaysian model

During my recent visit to the Far Eastern countries, I found many similarities between Malaysia and Pakistan: they are Muslim countries and had been colonies of British imperialists. Like Pakistan where states like Swat, Qalat, Bahawalpur and Dir willingly joined this land, more than ten small states and units had opted to form Malaysia. The […]

Our international image

Countries are inevitably affected by developments in next-door neighbours. Afghanistan’s problems have permeated into our social and political fabric. Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation, is following in the footsteps of its neighbour Malaysia. Indonesians are not a mob like us, but is becoming a nation.   Like Malaysia, Indonesian society reflects a beautiful mix of […]